Louise Bell

Louise was born and raised in the Bay of Plenty.  Louise completed her law degree through the University of Waikato in 2017 and was admitted to the bar in 2018.  She started her legal career as a legal secretary in 2015 and has been practicing law in the Bay of Plenty since 2019.


Louise specialises in litigation and dispute resolution in the Family Court. She has a broad range of experience in the Family Court and is a strong advocate for her clients.  Louise provides sound, sensitive and common sensical advice and advocacy services for clients dealing with family law issues


Hine Eagle is a strong advocate for alternative dispute resolution options ie mediation.  These alternative options can greatly assist in avoiding Court altogether by providing a cost-effective way of getting the parties to communicate and grow.


Louise has a range of experience in representing clients and appearing with and on their behalf in Court. Louise has attended a range of privately arranged mediations and Court initiated settlement conferences.


Louise understands the importance of ensuring that clients receive expert advice on their rights and entitlements during what is often a very difficult time. She is also committed to the prompt and efficient resolution of disputes in a cost-effective manner.


Louise has three young children and enjoys motocross riding, tae kwon do and is a keen gardener in her spare time.