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get to know Hine Eagle

Hine Eagle Ltd is a well-regarded boutique law firm located in the heart of Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.


We are committed to providing effective advice to our clients.


Our team specialises in Family Law, Criminal law, and Conveyancing with top practitioners in each field, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


Our team is committed to helping you through complex and challenging times.

Hine Eagle are experts when it comes to Family Law. Managing the Family Court can be extremely overwhelming for most people. Its personal and emotional and you need solid advice and representation going through that process.  

Hine Eagle have a number of experienced family lawyers who can guide you through that process while making you feel informed and supported throughout.  We can assist with parenting, domestic/family violence, Oranga Tamariki matters, guardianship disputes, family protection matters and many more aspects of family law- give us a call to see if we can help.


We also offer Legal Aid in Family Court proceedings

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Our Lawyers Ensure Quality

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Hine Eagle are experts when it comes to Criminal Law. If you are currently going through the District Court, you may have uncertainty about the process or you may want experienced counsel to guide you through this. Contact our team so that we can help manage this process for you and give you some understanding and direction.


We can assist with bail, violent offence charges, sexual cases, dishonesty offences, traffic offences including drink driving, limited license/work license, drug offences, conspiracy charges, fisheries charges , sentencing, trials and appeals.


​Additionally, we are providers of Legal Aid with a Category 4 Criminal defense lawyer. If you are in need of legal advice under Legal Aid, then our firm is for you.

 Scales of Justice

Hine Eagle are experienced Conveyancing Practitioners.


We know that it can be confusing and sometimes stressful when entering into a contract.  Our team will guide you through every step of the buy, sell, or refinance of mortgage transaction. 


We assist with early stages such as entering into the contract, right through to completion and settlement, which includes the change of land ownership and transfer of settlement funds via our trust account. 

for more information on our services and pricing click here.

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Choosing a lawyer can be difficult

Knowing Your Case

We ask questions based on our Court experience so we can understand your situation and represent you in your case with the best foot forward


We utilize our professional team  to guide you through the Court process and minimize the stress associated with Court proceedings for you

Our Goal Is Your Goal

From the outset, we listen to your story and present just that. We plan to walk this process with you and help you to achieve your desired outcome in Court proceedings

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