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Kathleen Roberts
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Kathleen completed her law degree at Waikato University in 2017. Upon completion of her degree she obtained a Prime Ministers Scholarship to study the differences in environmental laws between New Zealand and Chile. Kathleen studied at Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso for 2 months. Her findings of the differences between the two countries were submitted to the Prime Minister.


Upon her return, Kathleen started her legal career in the Tauranga Family Court as a Court Registrar in 2018. Starting with the Ministry of Justice means that Kathleen now has significant insight into the Family Court processes. Kathleen was then admitted to the bar in 2020. 


Kathleen has a broad range of knowledge specialising in the Family Court and she provides legal aid for clients.


Kathleen is friendly, smart and attentive and will make meeting your lawyer a pleasant experience as she listens to and questions the details of your case.

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