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Limited Licenses

What is a limited license?

What are the costs involved?

What is the time frame?

A limited license is authorised by the provisions of the Land Transport Act 1998 to relieve the applicant of extreme hardship or his employer of undue hardship occasioned by the loss of a license

They are not available in certain circumstances of repeat offending committed within five years of the date of commission of the latest offence.

They are not a general permission to drive without restriction.  The terms of the license specify the slightest degree to which the hardship can be abated.

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Our fee for preparing an application for a limited license is extremely competitive and can be discussed on receiving your inquiry.   In addition to our fee there is a Court filing fee of up to $200.00

Finally there is also a $50 sealing fee for the issue of the plastic license by the Land Transport Safety Authority.

A limited license can be usually obtained for less than $1,000 in cases where you require representation in addition to preparation of the application and supporting documents.

Alternately if you want to do it yourself we can assist you to prepare the necessary paperwork for $450 plus g.s.t.  In such a case we do not appear for you, you appear for yourself and so you save the cost associated with that.

Our fees must be paid on completion of the documentation or the filing of the application if we are to represent you in Court.

There is a compulsory stand down of one month for applications that are the result of a conviction under the Land Transport Act 1998.

If your license has been lost as a result of a demerit point disqualification you may apply immediately you are advised of the disqualification. In such a case you will require to produce the letter from the LTSA when obtaining the license following the order of the Court.

Generally speaking the Police require at least one week to consider an application so as to be able to verify information provided and consider the extent of the draft order submitted.

We endeavour to draft applications and have them returned for perusal within two days of receiving the completed forms with the information required.

Do I have to attend Court?

Applicants are required to attend Court on the date of the application unless otherwise advised.  Generally the Court will deal with Limited License applications at the commencement of sitting, so that it is unlikely that you will be significantly delayed at Court if the order is not opposed.

Are all applications opposed by the Police?

As part of the process of seeking the application we will liaise with the Police to ensure that the application proceeds smoothly.  In the event there are problems they are invariably ironed out prior to the Court date.

In the event that the Police oppose the order we will advise you immediately.

In such a case should you wish to proceed in the face of opposition there will be an additional fee based on time and attendance at Court.

However on the basis of experience of over 30 years we have a good understanding of what is required by the Police and the sort of things that they have concerns for.  We are therefore able to anticipate any likely trouble once we have the information required.

You will have the option once opposition is signalled to discontinue the application should you so desire to minimise your costs.

Employment Law

Hine Eagle do not specialize in Employment Law and would like to refer you to JJLaw.

JJLaw can be found by following this link 

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