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Penni Eagle

Penni completed her law degree at Waikato University in 2005 and was admitted to the bar shortly after. Penni has now been practicing in the Bay of Plenty for more than a decade. Penni co-founded Hine Eagle in 2018 after practicing as a barrister for 7 years.


Penni specialises in litigation and dispute resolution in the Family Court. She has a broad range of knowledge and experience in the Family Court arena and a background in commercial law and company law. Penni is a category 3 provider for legal aid family matters. She regularly appears in the Family Court and as such is considered senior counsel in the Family Court.


Penni is regularly appointed Lawyer for Child, Lawyer to Assist the Court, and as Lawyer for the subject person in PPPR matters.

Penni was previously a Duty Solicitor and has appeared in the District Court in criminal proceedings historically, but her heart is in Family Court proceedings which is her sole focus now.

Penni has vast experience in complex matters before the Family Court, she has a clear understanding of the complexities of the Family Court and knows what is required to traverse matters for her clients. 

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